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Scott Kappes

Should Florida Sell BP Shares?

In addition to the very real possibility that oil from the BP oil spill could have a catastrophic impact on the white sand beac hes of Florida’s Gulf coast, the state is also facing an ethical…

Scott Kappes

Local Texas Seafood Businesses Fear the Worst from Gulf Oil Spill

Two weeks after the explosion and subsequent sinking of the Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil still continues to pour into the gulf at an alarming rate. The massive oil slick stretches from Louisiana…

Scott Kappes

Homeland Security Report Criticizes FEMA Over Response to Formaldehyde Complaints

According to a Homeland Security Department report FEMA took too long to respond to initial reports of dangerous levels of formaldehyde in trailers used to house victims of Hurricane Katrina and…

Scott Kappes

Western Washington University Building Evacuated for Possible Asbestos Contamination

The Humanities Building at Western Washington University was evacuated Monday when and error in renovation work may have released harmful asbestos fibers into the air of the building.

Ashley Davis

Acute and Chronic Benzene Poisoning

There are twp types of poisoning associated with benzene, acute and chronic. Acute poisoning refers to an exposure to a high level of benzene in a short period of time. This type of exposure…

Ashley Davis

What is the Chemical Benzene?

Benzene is a valuable raw material and intermediate in the production of other organic materials. Smaller amounts of Benzene are used in manufacturing detergents, explosive, pharmaceuticals and…

Ashley Davis

Salmonells Facts

So what is salmonella?? Salmonella is a gram-negative, rod shaped bacilli that can cause diarrheal illness in humans. The bacilli are microscopic living creatures that pass from the feces of…