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Scott Kappes

$82 Million Awarded in Ford Rollover Lawsuit

Yesterday a California appeals court reinstated an $82.6 million award to a woman who was left a paraplegic after a rollover accident in her Ford Explorer. Benetta Buell-Wilson’s spine was crushed when the vehicle rolled over and the roof collapsed due to a defect that Ford was allegedly aware of and failed to remedy or warn consumers about. At the original trial a jury awarded Buell-Wilson and…

Scott Kappes

Texas Jury Awards $6.5 Million in Rollover Lawsuit

In August of 2004 Ruben Zamora, 41, was severely injured when he was involved in a rollover accident in his 1993 Ford Explorer. Zamora lost control of the vehicle when the tread of one of the back tires separated causing the tail end of the SUV to swing sideways and resulted in the rollover. Zamora was ejected from the vehicle during the rollover. The previously disabled oilfield worker suffered…

Chrissie Cole

Two Dead after Head-On Collision with Garbage Truck

After a truck accident early this morning involving a garbage truck and a car – two people are dead and Texas 146, in Liberty County, was closed.Investigation reports indicate the car may have had a tire malfunction that caused the car to swerve and hit a Waste Management garbage truck head-on.The driver of the garbage truck was hospitalized the two people in the car were killed, according to…