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CVS and Rite Aid Cited For Selling Expired Products

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New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced today that
two popular drug store chains, CVS and Rite Aid, were found to be selling expired food, medicine, and baby formula. The expired items were found at 142
New York CVS locations and 112 Rite Aid pharmacies throughout the state.
Several stores sold expired milk and eggs and some stores were still selling
medications that had been expired for over a year.

the products pass their expiration dates, they become ineffective and
potentially unsafe, threatening to put our loved ones at risk,” Cuomo

for the Attorney General’s office were able to purchase over 600 expired
products at different locations throughout the state. Both companies were
notified of the findings.

found 60 percent of CVS locations and 43 percent of Rite Aid stores had expired
products on the shelves.

lawsuits are being prepared against the companies.