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Denture Cleansers Linked to Allergic Reaction

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Today the FDA issued a warning to consumers about the safety of denture cleaning products. The warning was prompted by the death of one person and allergic reactions experienced by at least 72 others. The FDA said that some but not all of the reactions resulted from improper use of the products. The likely culprit is a bleach called persulfate, an allergen found in nearly every denture cleanser on the market. The FDA advised doctors and patients to use the products as directed and be on the lookout for possible allergic reactions.

Some people who reported allergic reactions used the cleaners properly, the FDA said. Allergic reactions happened quickly in some people and after years of use in others, the FDA said. The agency didn’t say how long it had been collecting reports of side effects.

The agaency has also recommened that all denture cleansers now be labelled with additional warning to advise patients of possible allergic reaction risks.