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Possible E. Coli Outbreak Leaves 1 Dead, 11 Hospitalized

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At least 11 people have been hospitalized and one is dead
following a possible outbreak of E. coli. The outbreak has now been linked to a
restaurant in Locust Grove, Oklahoma; where at least 11 people have been taken
to a Tulsa hospital after visiting the establishment. The presence of E. coli has
not been confirmed but is suspected to be the likely culprit.

Oklahoma State Health spokeswoman Leslea Bennett-Webb has
confirmed that between 12 and 20 people in surrounding areas have also been
treated for similar ailments at various other hospitals. The name of the one
deceased victim has not yet been released.

The symptoms have reportedly been very severe have been
associated with bloody diarrhea, a common symptom of E. coli infection.

If you experience symptoms associated with E. coli, such as
bloody diarrhea, you should seek immediate medical attention.