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ReNu Contact Lenses

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The Food and Drug Administration released their statement to officially recall ReNu contact Lens Solution. There have been known links between the contact solution and the fungal disease called ‘keratitis’. This fungal disease is not common with any other contact lens except for cases where the user sleeps in them. Symptoms of keratits are much like conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the conjunctiva, and photophobia. The eye turns very red and there may be sensitivity to light, and the eye may feel uncomfortable. In the later stages of more severe cases, there can be strong pain, loss of vision/blurriness, and pus may form.

Treatment for keratitis usually requires some type of antibacterial, antifungal, or antiviral therapy. In severe cases, the cornea may become permanently scarred and vision could become limited, perforation of the cornea may occur, or in the worst cases the loss of an eye. With proper medical attention, infections can usually be successfully treated without long-term visual loss.

If you feel like you have been affected by ReNu contact lenses then contact your doctor immediately and make sure that you are not developing any health problems.