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Lawsuits Filed Over Digitek Recalls

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Two weeks after Actavis issued a recall for its heart
medication Digitek, or digoxin, the first lawsuits have been filed. Very little
information has been made available on this recall other than that some tablets
may be twice as thick and therefore contain twice the active ingredient as
intended. It is unclear how many batches may be affected or which particular
batches are affected.


In announcing the recall, Actavis said the double-strength
tablets pose a risk of toxicity in patients with renal failure. The right
amount of digoxin can strengthen a weak heart and calm fluttering heartbeats.
Too much digoxin can make you nauseous, depress your blood pressure, slow down
your heart rate or kill you.


Several reports of injury and illness have been reported in
association with the recall. Plaintiffs are seeking damages over alleged
injuries as well as compensation for monitoring for possible future health