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Wyeth Loses Prempro Trial

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A Philadelphia state jury has found Wyeth’s hormone replacement therapy (HRT) Prempro was indeed responsible for a woman’s breast cancer. The drug maker has been ordered to pay $1.5 in compensatory damages.

The jury found Wyeth negligent in failing to provide the proper warnings regarding breast cancer risks associated with Prempro.

The jury is expected to return on Tuesday to decide punitive damages after also finding that Wyeth’s conduct was “malicious, wanton, willful or oppressive or showed reckless indifference to the interest of others” in its failure to provide proper warnings about its HRT drugs, taken by millions of women to treat symptoms of menopause.

Wyeth is currently facing approximately 5,000 product liability lawsuits involving HRT.

This is the 3rd Prempro suit with a jury verdict. The first lawsuit was last summer and resulted in a win for Wyeth. In October last year, Wyeth lost a Prempro trial but that verdict was thrown out due to juror misconduct and will later be retried.