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Increased Warnings for Tylenol

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According to a U.S report, Johnson and Johnson are increasing the warnings on their product Tylenol to reduce the risk of liver injury. Tylenol contains Acetaminophen which is used to reduce pain and fever is said to have a connection to people with liver injuries. The report from the FDA recommends eliminating Acetaminophen from over-the-counter combination products, such as Tylenol cold.

Since the late 1990’s. liver injury has been a known risk of acetaminophen, but efforts to educate consumers and revise prescribing information have been unsuccessful. From 1990 to 2001, Acetaminophen has been linked to 458 deaths and 26,000 hospitalizations. The drug is a leading cause of acute liver failure among consumers who abuse it.

The FDA’s center for drug evaluation and research recommend lowering immediate-release tablet strength to no more than 325 milligrams from the current 500 milligrams and reducing the single adult dose 650 milligrams, from 1,000 milligrams. They also urged decreasing the maximum daily dose of all acetaminophen to 3,250 milligrams from 4,000 milligrams.

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    Wow, this product is used way to much, very helpful post.