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Victoria's Secret Sued for Injury of Customer

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The retail giant for unmentionables, Victoria’s Secret, has had a lawsuit filed against them as result of an incident that happened at the Parkdale Mall location in Beaumont. Tamma Douglas has filed a personal injury claim against the company alleging that she was injured by a fragrance bottle that an employee knocked off the top shelf while trying to get something else down.

Douglas says that a hard plastic or glass fragrance bottle was knocked off the shelf and broke on her arm. She claims that this cut her hand and has caused her to suffer considerable mental anguish, pain and suffering. She also claims that she has been unable to work since the incident.

The suit charges Victoria’s with negligence for “failing to be sure that she (the employee) did not knock something off a higher shelf,” failing to warn the plaintiff that the employee was removing a product from a higher shelf, and failing to display merchandise in a safe manner.

Douglas is also suing for past and future medical expenses in addition to her pain and suffering.