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Yes, Soft Drinks Do Contribute to Diabetes

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There have been a series of studies conducted by several organizations over the past few years that examine the effects of drinking non-diet soft drinks. The results were clear and alarming. An unquestionable link has been recognized between drinking sugary sodas and the development of diabetes.

According to Dr. Kelly Brownell of Yale University, it can no longer be said that that sugar soft drinks have no impact upon health. In fact, the impact is a definite negative one.Soda Can.jpg

It was proven in one study in which over 91,000 women were monitored for a period of eight years. The women who drank at least one soda per day developed diabetes at twice the rate as women who drank diet soda or no sodas at all, which is a shockingly high number!

Studies have also showed in recent years that the rate of childhood type 2 diabetes has been increasing in modern times, and this could possibly be one explanation.