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The results of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine have confirmed preliminary findings that Bayer’s anti-bleeding
medication Trasylol (aprotinin) dramatically increases a patient’s risk of death. The BART trial, as it was called, was halted when it became apparent
that death rates were disproportionately higher for patients being given
Trasylol. This prompted Bayer to suspend worldwide marketing of the drug. The
results, now made public, show that patients receiving Trasylol have a 53
percent greater risk of death when compared with those receiving less expensive


The study did find Trasylol to be slightly more effective in
reducing bleeding than the other medications but by no means does this out
weigh the significant increased risk of death. Previous studies have linked
Trasylol to heart and kidney problems, but never statistically significant
enough to prompt widespread concern. Some experts believe that the use Trasylol could
have been responsible for 1000 deaths a month. If this study would have been
done five or ten years ago just think of the lives that could have been saved.


A commentary accompanying the study, released online by the
New England Journal of Medicine, said the drug was unlikely to be returned to
the market.


As of early this month Bayer was facing 83 lawsuits filed on
behalf of Americans that claim to have been injured or died as a result of
being given Trasylol, and I am sure that this number will skyrocket in
the near future. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of being
given Trasylol contact an attorney today.

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