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Taser International has issued new warning to police agencies throughout the nation to not shoot at the suspect’s chest. The company said that striking a suspect in the chest can in extremely rare instances poses a risk of an adverse cardiac event.

This is the first time that Taser has ever admitted that there may be any risk of cardiac arrest associated with the use of its 50,0000-volt stun gun.

Officials from Taser were quick to point out that the bulletin does in no way state that Tasers can cause cardiac arrest, but rather advises law enforcement authorities that controversy can be avoided if officers aim for other areas of the body.

Over the past several years the safety of Tasers has been questioned and numerous critics claim that the devices are much more dangerous than the manufacturer has lead people to believe.

Earlier this year a 27-year-old Texas City man died from cardiac arrest after being tazed by La Marque police during an altercation. Just last week the officers involved in the incident were cleared of any wrongdoing by a Galveston County grand Jury.

This will likely continue to be a hot topic in the years to come with strong convictions guiding each side of the issue.


  1. Gravatar for tim frost

    Boy, all you Injury Board Blood-sucking personal injury trial lawyers have jumped on this band wagon. I do believe you are at least the third to blog today and we have not even heard from your ringleader Stevie L yet. Ya'll must smell blood (and money). Relax, Taser just said that the only way to cut off you blood suckers is not to give you any excuse to sue (as if you need an excuse, huh?). Taser stands by all the medical research that proves tasers do not affect the heart any more than mild exersise.

  2. Gravatar for Don Hewitt

    Taser's answer to the critics a customers

  3. Gravatar for Lee Charles

    "We have not stated that Taser causes [cardiac] events in this bulletin, only that the refined target zones avoid any potential controversy on this topic," Steve Tuttle, vice president of communications for Taser, said in a prepared statement.

    Taser officials say lowering of a Taser from the chest will incapacitate someone more effectively. The bulletin notes police can still shoot a suspect's chest if there isn't a better option.

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