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A shoulder pain pump is a small device developed recently to deliver pain medication directly into the shoulder joint through a small flexible plastic tube called a catheter. According to a recent study published by The American Journal of Sports Medicine in the intra-articular pain pumps is identified as cause of a condition known as Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis. There are currently other studies being conducted to confirm these findings.

So what is Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis? It is a specific type of chondrolysis that is associated with pain pumps and shoulder surgery. It is a loss of cartilage in the shoulder after shoulder surgery. PAGCL is associated with the use if an intra-articular pain pump catheter implanted in the shoulder joint by the shoulder during shoulder surgery. The symptoms of PAGCL includes:

  • Shoulder pain both at rest and in motion
  • Stiffness of the shoulder
  • Weakness of the shoulder
  • Clicking, popping or grinding
  • Limited range of motion

If the pain pump has affected you or a loved one then contact the office of Reich and Binstock for an evaluation.

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