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An unidentified man died Sunday night after police officers used a Taser to subdue him during a struggle. According to reports, the now deceased individual was “tazed” by La Marque police after refusing to cooperate and resisting the officers’ attempts to take him into custody.

La marquee police responded to a call about a man rolling around in a ditch in 2600 block of Main. On arrival police found the apparently intoxicated man made an attempt to take him into custody. Officers struggled with the man in an attempt to make the arrest. During the struggle one officer used a Taser on the man.

An ambulance was called by the officers to evaluate what was at the time called a non-life-threatening injury the man sustained during the struggle.

While in route to Southeast Memorial Hospital the man’s heart stopped. The ambulance was then re-routed to Mainland Center Hospital in Texas City where the man was pronounced dead.

The series of events leading up to the man’s death are being investigated by Galveston County officials and the district attorney’s office. It is not yet clear if the use of the Taser played an integral role in the man’s death.


  1. Gravatar for river

    Of course it played a role!

    When is the taser abuse by police going to stop? Why has the USA become a police state?


  2. Gravatar for hk

    When a person is on drugs why can't you have someone watch them until they come down; instead of putting yourself in harms way. When did being drunk become a capital offence?! Why does it take three cops to subdue a drunk. People on PCP don't have a tendancy to fall down in a ditch. A ten year old can tell the difference between being drunk and being on drugs. And these are the people who are making determanations on DWI? Sounds like someone need more training.

  3. Gravatar for areyoukiddingme

    Are you freaking serious? Do you live in a bubble? DO you really think it works that way? The police were obviously called by a citizen for some reason. The police do not have the luxury of just deciding what they want to do that day and what they do not. YOU, the public, decide largely what they do that day when they go to work. If they just walked away every time someone offered resistance, #1 everyone would resist, #2 YOU would complain then that they were not doing their jobs, #3 YOU wouls not be able to live in your naive little world because the people who protect you from reality everyday would not be able to do so. SO, to those of you who have no knowledge of what your police do and still want to criticize them, WHO DO YOU CALL when you're too scared to handle a situation yourself? I'd be willing to bet that you would gladly have an officer protect you when you don't have the courage to do it yourself.

  4. Gravatar for none

    why do thaey do that they just get inminerves he didnt taser him he hit him in da head then he did but thay should nit did that someone need to stop them because they is getting over my prayers go out for his family and kids

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