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Being hydrated while training for something as intense as a marathon is crucial to your success. Not drinking enough water could lead to dehydration, but drinking too much water can be just as harmful. Drinking too much water can lead dangerously dilute the sodium levels in your blood. New research on this has been conducted after a 28-year old woman died after running the Boston Marathon.

Here are some tips on how to regulate your daily drinking so that you can be sure that you are not drinking too much or too little:

1.Look at the color of your pee- keep track of the color. It should be light like lemonade. If it gets dark like apple juice then you should drink more water.

2. Keep track of your weight- Check your weight before and after exercising. If you weigh more after your workout then that means that you probably drank too much water. If you weigh less then you probably did not drink enough. Experts say that you should try and weigh the same or a little less before and after your workouts.

3. Consider Drinking Sports Drinks- Sports drinks are perfect for replacing the salt that you loose when you sweat.

4. Be aware of what you are replacing your fluids with- obviously coffee or beer is not something you should be drinking after a tough workout because they will not replenish you the right way.

5. Do not drink sugary drinks- Although sugary drinks like juice and sodas have water in them, the high levels of sugar give your stomach more work to do and the liquid is not absorbed as quickly as it should be.

With these tips in mind I hope you will remember to stay hydrated and healthy!

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